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I just posted a fanfic on the site!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] YAY Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] OMGsqueeeee.... :DrunkBummy: Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1]  Uhhhhh. So good to finally get it right. Hopefully I did not copy anyone elses work. If so tell me. But until then. :SpartanLazor: :lovehurts::stickyhead: 
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(Contains: sexual themes)
It was the late evening and Club Cross was packed with lovely ladies that were just waiting for the right honey to take them. That is what the plan was for a pink haired super villain but sometimes things have a weird way of giving you pastries instead of lemons. Jinx came in looking for one of these girls to take home and have “hot coffee” with. She just might pull it off too with the outfit she chose. A mini skirt and tight T-shirt that said come get this, puls some stockings, eyeliner and grape flavored lip bomb wouldn’t hurt her chances that much. She strode the floor attracting much attention and showing everyone looking that she can work it. Jinx loved the admiration but which lady will enjoy her company tonight? “Hmm“…..she said “there are some really good looking gals here but which one will I spend some time with“? “Choices choices” Jinx looked around the bar checking out the girls around there until she saw a rather interesting sight. Well that is rather a interesting choice of evening wear Jinx thought as she leered at the finely shaped rear of a woman in what looked like a ice-skaters outfit with silk wings or something. With her sights set she made her way too her. “Well hi there miss what drink would you like me to bring to you as we talk“? Jinx asked while trying to lean back on the bar with her boots and putting on the most seductive face she can. “No thanks I have my drink but we can still talk” the woman said in a gruff manly voice which took Jinx 100% by surprise. Blushing so much that her face looked like it was boiling in a pot. Not knowing exactly what or who she was with that all she could say was “uh…what……oh no” while fidgeting with her arm. Not wanting to ask  the question that could turn awkward in a split second. “It’s no by the way” said the woman with a jump Jinx asked “no….what“? With a chuckle the woman put a hand on Jinx’s shoulder and said “no I’m not a guy I just have a deep voice“. With a skeptic look Jinx asked “how is that“? With another chuckle and a sip of her drink she said “gamma rays, experiment gone wrong, or being from another dimension take your pick” then she patted a empty stool and pointed Jinx to sit. Jinx sat still trying to wondering who she was sitting with and eyeing all her “reviling” featers but she just ordered her drink and asked the woman her name. She answered “my name is Dr.Girlfriend“. Jinx thought she heard that name before then it hit her. “Oh no way“! Jinx exclaimed “your thee Dr.Girlfried (sqee) I am such a fan of how you do villain work“. “It’s actually pronounced villainess but thank you” Dr.GF answered. “So” asked Dr.GF “what are you doing at this club dressed like you want to get “socable” with someone“? Jinx with a sinker said “well that was the plan but now that I think about it what chance do I have with any of these women“? “I mean look at me I’m flat as a pancake, a mediocre villain and have zero game“! “Well” Dr.GF said with a look on her face “you got my attention so your not all that bad pluses at least you don’t have too spend an hour and a half trying to get your costume on so your lucky“. “Well thanks” Jinx said. “Say” said Dr.GF “you’ve gotten this far why not go a little farther“? Jinx almost spat her drink in shock when she heard the question. “What“? Jinx said “I thought you were married to The Monarch“? “I am” Dr.GF said “but we have a open relationship I mean how else can I get a heroes guard down so that Monarch can kill him“? With that Dr.GF grabbed Jinx’s hand and took her to one of the curtin blocked tables. Jinx sat down next to Dr.Girlfriend and she motioned her hands up and said in a strangely alluring voice “want to see if the girls made it in the suit all the way“? Jinx wasting no time scooted over to her and placed her hands on Dr.Girlfriend’s breasts. With Jinx gently groping her breasts so well Dr.GR couldn’t help but let out a little moan. “You really know how too work those hands Jinx” Dr.GF said and Jinx only had one thing on her mind. “How are these real“!? She said shock at how they were so perfect and how they fit into her hands she just wanted to spend the rest of the night with these breasts in her hands. So she moved a little closer almost pressed up against her back Jinx took her hands and slipped them into her suit. Caught by surprise Dr.GR bit down on her lip to surpres a loud moan as Jinx explored all around her chest she even grabbed her arms and started moving them around faster. But then Jinx retracted her arms and slowly moved away from Dr.GF. “Huh“? “What’s wrong sweetie” she said looking over to Jinx who was sulking. “I’m sorry Dr.Girlfriend” said Jinx in a soft sad voice “I like you really but the last time I admired another villainess she said I was worthless“. “I just don’t want to be hurt like that so um”… before she could finish she was grabbed and pulled right into the cleavage of the boom shell. She struggled a bit but gave in and embraced what ever Dr.GF was trying too do. Then her head was removed from the cleavage and thrown on the couch and without warning Dr.GF place herself on Jinx’s lap frontward. Jinx had no idea what was going on was she about to die or something which dying like this wouldn’t be bad but then Dr.GF said “don’t worry baby Dr.Girlfriend has the right cure to help you forget all about your insecurity’s“. Dr.GF lead Jinx’s hands onto her toned ass then placed her hands on Jinx’s face and pulled her into a very deep kiss. With eye’s widened Jinx was just paralyzed in aye as Dr.GF’s lips enclousd around hers and her tongue danced all over her mouth! With that Jinx let out a gasping moan and followed thought with her own tongue and groeping her grade A cheeks. Minutes passed and the two continued there make out session tongues roaming around pressing against checks. Jinx fondling and creasing as much ass and thigh as she can until she grabbed Dr.GF by the back of her neck pulled her in closer lifted one of her thighs and slammed her against the wall. Jinx was taking full advantage of this curvy woman’s body pressing her chest against hers rubbing those gorgeous mounds all around her chest. Dr.GF had to break off the kiss so she could get some air and said “see what were you afraid of sweetie you are doing very well“. “Thank you very much” Jinx said breathing heavily then the two locked lips again and continued. Dr.GF thought that it was time for some groping of her own so she took her left hand and squeezed hard on Jinx’s right ass cheek. Jinx let out a gasp of surprise as Dr.GF moved her hand all around her ass even giving it a coulple spanks. With a seductive grin she followed by giving a big hard spank to the leg she was holding up both lady’s laughed under there breath then Jinx took her right hand too grope one of Dr.GF’s breasts and put the nipple inbetween her fingers and pulled it in and out. After that Jinx stopped what she was doing and wisped sensually into Dr.GF’s ear “want to finish this up at my place“? With a look on Dr.GF’s face that made the answer she wanted they rushed back to Jinx’s apartment. Upon getting there Jinx told Dr.GF too wait in the bedroom while she got ready in the bathroom so Dr.GF fix herself up and placed herself in a pose on the bed. When Jinx step out of the bathroom she was still wearing the same leg stockings but added some lingerie to the rest. With a look of pure ecstasy Dr.GF put her hands on the suit were the breasts were and pulled letting the exposed breasts jiggle around in front of Jinx. With that Jinx rushed over to her lady and embraced and kiss her. “Best night ever” Jinx said and put her hand on Dr.GF’s crotch and in turn Dr.Girlfriend did the same. The End.
Cross Over Club:Pair 1 Dr.Girlfriend and Jinx
A fanfic crossover series. How was it? Submit a comment. :) (Smile) Rabbit hole Sweating a little... 
Well that faild sectacualrly! Sad dummy onion sad Gloomy  I tried to submit my fanfic but it gave me some bull#$@* about how I need to place a cadigory? :angry: 'We're all mad here' Emote Sign Wolf Mad :bademoticon: :chainsaw revision IMing - :flailrage: + PLZ :8Bspaz: I tried to select something but it wouldn't let me do anything with it! If anyone can help me please I only have so long before I have to leave the only place I can get internet! :8Bspaz: 
Hello every one on Deviantart. :la: choir Hi emoticon I am going to post some fancic's to this site for the first time!!Caramel dansen emote yay Yay Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Now try too understand that this is my first time posting and writing this stuff so bear with me here.Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] My fanfic's are a crossover yuri pairs.Yuri Faerie But these crossovers will be a bit off key and when I say that I mean the pairing will be way off like these two charaters would never be in the same univuers together.D: :noes3d: Noes 3D 50x50 derp le gasp la I know that sounds like a resapy for trolls but a member named BlackEyeHawk has done this too and every one loves to draw his work.:BombingEscape: :baffled: :baffled: Not really expecting anyone to draw my stuff but that would be appreceated.Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Swing the girl Put your fingers in the air Put your fingers in the air Just be gentale when you comment like I said this is my first shoot at this and I would like this to be a good expireance for me.:nuu: OMG LOOK AT THAT Boo :skincrawl: :skincrawl: 


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